Many of our modules were designed for the Minddistrict app. Such modules are called mobile modules.  But what is the difference, actually? Here is an overview of 5 differences.

1. Suitable for the Minddistrict app (Android and iOS)

Our old modules are not suitable for use in the Minddistrict app. Mobile modules, on the other hand, are. Even more: mobile modules are specifically designed for mobile phones.

2. No long sessions but a nice flow of short, concise pages

Working on behavioral change occurs in small steps. Sometimes you'll have time for a whole hour, sometimes only 5 minutes. That's why mobile modules consist of short and clear steps that you can stop at any time and that you can continue whenever you like. The mobile module saves your answers automatically, so that you'll never loose any information!

3. Mobile modules contain milestones and feedback moments

Mobile modules contain rewarding milestones. They help the client to stay motivated. The modules - like the old modules - also contain feedback moments where you as a therapist can give feedback. In mobile modules, clients can react to your feedback!

4. On every page: save favorites and start a conversation

Did your client do a relaxation exercise that he would like to do again later? Or does she maybe want to read again about how to prevent a fit of rage? As a client, you can save pages as a favorite so you can easily find them again. You can also start a conversation directly in the module. That's nice if you find an exercise tricky, for example.

5. User-friendly interface for both client and therapist

User-friendliness is very important to us at Minddistrict. That's why we paid special attention to a beautiful design of the mobile module and tested it with real users.  

Still the quality that you are used to 

Curious about the differences? Try it yourself! Because nothing about the quality of our content has changed.