You can create an account for a client via the menu 'Clients'. 

Via this menu, you have access to your client overview and you can create client accounts via the 'Add client' button. 

To create a client account, you need the following information:

  • Gender
  • First name and surname
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

Depending on the settings of your platform it might also be necessary to enter a personal ID, telephone number or client ID (this is the EHD number most of the time).  

After you've entered this information, click on 'Add' and your account will be created. Your client will receive a welcoming email at the email address that you've entered. With the instructions in the welcoming email, he or she can set up a password and log in afterwards. 

Do you have difficulties creating an account?

  • Do you get the message 'A user with this email address already exists', while adding a new client? This means that an account with this email address already exists and that a new account cannot be created. In this case, please search for the already existing account. 
  • You can't see the 'Add client' button? Most likely, there is a link to an electronic health record (EHD). In this case, all client accounts in Minddistrict are created from the EHD and you cannot add clients in Minddistrict manually. Please contact your application manager, if you have questions about this.