As a therapist, you must be associated with a client account to view and edit this account. There are several routes to be linked: 

  • If you are creating a client account as a therapist, you will be automatically linked 
  • A therapist that is already linked can link another therapist
  • A user with the secretary role  can link therapists

Link a therapist

To link a therapist, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file of a client
  2. Within the file, go to 'Professionals' (left menu)
  3. Click on 'Link Professional' (see image)
  4. Select the desired therapist and click on 'Link therapist'.

Link a supervisor

It is possible to connect a supervisor as well. A supervisor is someone who needs to be able to look into the file, but who does not actively accompany the client. Someone who is associated as a supervisor cannot send and receive messages from the client. But he or she can see what the client has written in the modules and what feedback the therapist has given here. To link a supervisor, take the following steps:

  1. Open the file of the client
  2. Go to 'Professionals' (left menu)
  3. Click 'Link professional' (see image)
  4. Select the desired supervisor and click 'Link supervisor'.

To be able to link someone as supervisor, he or she needs the role of 'supervisor' This role can be given to a professional by the application manager of the Minddistrict platform.