The client file has a menu on the left side of the screen. From this menu, you can view all parts of the file.


This page opens by default when you open a file. On this dashboard, you will see all the tools that the client is working on and what the progress is, all in one single view.


Here you can find the account details of the client (such as name, date of birth and email address). You can modify this information (unless this option is disabled for example when there is a link to an electronic health record). You can also deactivate the account here and you can resend the welcome mail. 


On this page you will find all the conversations you and the client are a participant in. 

Contact history

Every action that takes place in a client file is recorded. You can find this log under 'contact history'. The client also has access to this log in his or her own account.  


Here you can see whicj tasks are still open to the client. You will also see what tasks you need to do for this client as a therapist.


Here you can see which professionals (therapists and supervisors) are linked. You can also link other professionals. You can unlink professionals as well, if you wish, and you can transfer tools directly to another professional. 


The other menu items concern the guidance tools in the platform. You can find more information about this in other support articles.