Mobile modules are modules that are suitable for the Minddistrict app. In the catalogue within your platform, you can see which mobile modules are available to you. Simply filter the catalogue by 'mobile modules'. 

How do you start a mobile module?

  1. Search the catalogue for the desired mobile module 
  2. Click on 'Add to client' (see image)
  3. Select the desired client
  4. Set whether you want to accompany the mobile module with or without feedback. Ready!

Guiding a mobile module

As a therapist, you can accompany the mobile module. You open a mobile module as follows:

  • Go to your client's file 
  • In the left menu, go to 'Modules'
  • Open the mobile module you want to view.

You'll see this:


In the left column, you'll see the chapters of the mobile module. In the blue column, you'll see the sub-steps of the chapters. By clicking on these sub-steps, you will see the content as the client gets to see it.

Feedback moments

Mobile modules that you give feedback on contain 'feedback moments'. Once the client has arrived at such a feedback moment, you will be given a task to give feedback on the exercises. The feedback you send is a kind of conversation. Clients can therefore respond to your feedback. 

Customizing a mobile module

You can customize a mobile module of a client. You can do this:

  • Add another mobile module
  • Remove a module 
  • Change the title (gearwheel)
  • Turn feedback on/off (gearwheel)
  • Change the guiding professional (gearwheel)

Note: To remove a mobile module, it is necessary to first add another mobile module.