A diary is a great tool to gain insight into patterns and progress. For example, in your mood, your emotions, or how much you drink. Keeping a diary can be very useful. It gives your client more insight. It gives you more insight. And it offers a good base for things to talk about during a face-to-face conversation. A nice support for every path!

A large set of diaries is available so that there is always something suitable. Notifications remind clients to fill in their diary via the aoo. 

How do you start a diary?

  1. Search the catalogue for the desired diary
  2. Click 'Add to client' (see image)
  3. Select the desired client
  4. Set up a reminder for your client. Ready!

Guide a diary

A diary does not require active guidance. There are no feedback moments such as with a module or personal route, for example. Therefore, you will not receive any notifications when your client has filled in his or her diary. However, it is advisable to check regularly in the diary what your client has entered. You can send a message if you want to respond to the diary. Or you can discuss the progress face-to-face. 

To view your client's diary:

  1. Open your client's file
  2. Go to the diary menu item
  3. You can see the progress in the calendar, graph and timeline. In the calendar, click on the blue bars to see what your client has entered.

Customizing a diary

You can make some adjustments in a diary. Open the diary. Then go to the 'Configuration' tab. Here you can:

  • Change the guiding therapist
  • Archive a diary
  • Change the task schedule (reminder for the client)

Note: If you archive a diary, the client will no longer be able to fill out the diary. Previously completed moments are saved and remain visible. You can always activate an archived diary again.