A training is an online intervention that a client follows completely unaccompanied. So there are no feedback moments as with the modules. Trainings are intended as self-help for less severe complaints.

How do you start a training?

A training can be started in two ways: 

  1. By the therapist from the catalogue (see image)
  2. By the client himself/herself via the self-help catalogue

* Only when this has been configured by the application manager. 

Guiding a training

A training is intended as a self-help tool and, therefore, does not require guidance from a therapist. As a therapist, you can see the training that the client follows.

Customize a training

As a therapist, you can change the title and the associated therapist of a training. You cannot make any changes in the sessions as with a module, for example).

Deactivate a training

It is possible to deactivate a training session. This can be done by the client. The therapist cannot do this.