With the monitoring tool, you can offer questionnaires that have more than one measurement moment. To make the progress of a client insightful, the results of the monitoring are compared and graphically displayed. 

A monitoring consists of X measurement times when 1 or more monitorings are offered.  

Starting a monitoring

A monitoring is started by a therapist through the catalogue (see image).

In the catalogue, click on the title of the monitoring to view the content. You will then see how many measurement moments the monitoring consists of. And how much time is planned between these moments of measurement (see image). Once you actually start the monitoring for a client, you determine the start date of the first measurement moment.

Guiding a monitoring

As soon as a client has completed a measurement, you as a therapist will receive an e-mail. You can then view the completed measurement in the platform. If multiple measurements are completed, you can view the progress in the chart. 

You can discuss the results of the monitoring face-to-face or send feedback online via the platform's messaging function. 

An unfinished measurement

If the client has not completed the measurement 2 weeks after the activation date, you as a therapist will receive an e-mail. The link in this e-mail allows you to specify the 'reason for non-response' *. Choose the reason that is most likely.

* Specifying the non-response is a platform configuration that can be set by the application manager. 

Edit a monitoring

You can adjust a monitoring. So, you as a therapist can:

  • Change the title
  • Change the guiding therapist
  • Re-plan measurement moments
  • Remove measurement moments
  • Add measurement moments