The Minddistrict platform provides secure communication between clients and therapists. This means that you can send secure messages. To send messages, you need to start a conversation. In this conversation, all participants can send one or more messages. 

For therapists, this includes:

  • All clients that they are linked to
  • All professionals within the platform

Send a message

You can send messages in an existing conversation or start a new conversation.

Existing conversation

Existing conversations can be found via the 'Conversations' menu at the top of your menu. Open a conversation from the list by clicking on it. You can respond on the bottom.

New conversation

You can start a new conversation with your contacts via the 'Start conversation' button on your home page (see image). You can give your conversation a topic and then type your first message in the conversation. 

Receive messages

You can also receive messages from your contacts. You will receive an email if you have received a new message. The contents of this message can be read (due to security reasons) only within Minddistrict. All unread messages are shown in the conversations panel on your home page. Click the message to read it and (if desired) respond to it.

Manage a conversation

A conversation always has a manager. This is the person who started the conversation. It can be both the client and the therapist. As a manager of the conversation, you can:

  • Change the subject of the conversation
  • Add participants
  • Delete participants

Leave a conversation

Participants can also leave a conversation. When you leave a conversation, you can still see the history of the conversation but you won't receive any new messages in that conversation.

The conversation manager cannot leave the conversation. 

A group conversation

The manager of a conversation can add participants. This creates a group conversation with more than 2 participants. 

Start a conversation as a therapist

You can start a group conversation with 1 or more clients and 1 or more professionals. You can only add your own contacts to a conversation. 

When participants that are not contacts are brought into a conversation, they will automatically be offered the option to set a nickname. This allows them to participate anonymously in the conversation. 

To add participants to a conversation:

  1. Open the conversation
  2. Click on the 'participants' icon (see image)
  3. Add the desired participants

Group conversations started by clients

Clients can also start a group conversation. They can, for example, add their friends to a conversation with their therapist. Clients can also add only their own contacts to a conversation.