In addition to the messaging feature, Minddistrict also offers the option to make video calls. You can have a video call with your contacts within the Minddistrict platform.

Note: Video calling is an additional functionality and is, therefore, not available by default. 


To be able to make video calls, Minddistrict uses the software VidyoDesktop (for the computer) and VidyoMobile (for smartphone or tablet). As a user, you need to install this software in order to make a video call. You can download the software from

Are you starting a video call without having installed the software? No problem. Within Minddistrict, you will get a message that the software is not found and an instruction on how to install it will follow. 

Start a video conversation

To start a video call, click the 'Start video call' button. This button is active only if your contact person is also online and available. 

End a video conversation

End a video call by clicking the 'End video call' button.