In several modules, clients have the possibility to create an action plan. With action plans, clients can set their own personal goal that they would like to achieve and can monitor their progress regularly. The action plan reminds clients regularly to keep an eye on their progress. This way they can adjust their plan, if necessary, and it gives clients and therapists additional insight into the steps that are taken towards the desired behavioral change. 

The guidance of action plans 

In mobile modules, clients are supported when they create a plan that contains their personal and achievable goal. Once the plan has been created within the module, clients can fill in their goal and set a date on which they want to achieve the goal.

Clients regularly receive a task with a reminder to keep track of how they progress on their goal. Multiple modules have action plans, so clients can work on multiple action plans at the same time. These plans are activated from within the modules and exist as independent tools that are always available on the home screen. After an evaluation, or at any other time, clients can revise and possibly change their goal. As soon as clients have reached their goal, the goal is marked as 'met' and the plan is archived. 

As a therapist, you can see all the plans of your clients. You can see when the next evaluation moments are planned and you can review all evaluations that have been completed for a goal and monitor the progress of your clients.