Do you experience problems logging in? Don't worry, there is probably a fast solution. Below, you can find the most frequent problems and solutions.

You can't find your problem here? Or the solution doesn't help? Please contact the help-desk within your organization. You can find the contact details in the automated emails and on the bottom of each page within your platform.

I forgot my password

Solution: request a new password via Forgot password? on the login page of your platform. Follow the instructions. 

Minddistrict keeps indicating that my email address and/or password is wrong 

Solution: check the following.

  1. Your email address (are there any typing errors? Is it the correct email address?) 
  2. Your password (are there any typing errors?)

Does your browser fill in these fields automatically? If so, it's possible that your browser fills in an old/incorrect password or email address. Delete the saved information in your browser. 

It doesn't work? Set up a new password via Forgot password? on your login page.

I don't receive an email after I make a request via 'Forgot password?' 

Solution: check the following. 

  1. Are you sure that you have an account? If not, please ask your organization.
  2. Are you filling in the right email address? You can only reset a password with the email address that was used to create your Minddistrict account. Also make sure that you didn't make any typing errors. 
  3. Check your junk mail folder and see if the mail is there.  

I forgot where exactly I need to login 

Solution: In the welcome email (that you received before, in order to set up a password), you can find the link (url) to your Minddistrict platform. Via this link, you can log into your personal Minddistrict environment. 

It's possible that your (healthcare) organization offers another way to log in. For example, via another system where you don't need an extra password. If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact your administrator.