As a professional in the Minddistrict platform, you can have different roles. For example, the role 'therapist' or 'application manager'. Such a role is also called a group. The group(s) you are part of determine which rights (authorisations) you have within the platform.


In your profile, you can see which group(s) you belong to.

You can use the search filter under the 'Professionals' tab to search for colleagues's with a particular group.

Which groups are there and what rights do they have?

The group(s) you are in determine which rights (authorisations) you have. Some users are allowed to see and do more in the platform than others. The platform's application manager determines which group you are in and therefore which rights you have. The application manager is therefore the only one with rights to give himself or other professionals a certain role. Here is a brief description of all groups and their rights:

  • Application manager: Is allowed to configure the platform and can create or change professional accounts. Does not have access to any client data.
  • Data analyst: Has access to data exports without client data
  • Data officer: Has access to data exports client data included.
  • Therapist: Can add new clients to the caseload, may contact these clients, can deactivate accounts, guide tools and provide feedback.
  • Supervisor: Has 'read only' access to the accounts of clients for whom he/she is supervisor.
  • Secretary: Is allowed to handle registrations. May view name and address details for all clients. Can assign tools to all clients and relate a therapist to them. Does not see any content in the tools or privat client data. The secretary can activate or deactivate accounts. Furthermore, a conversation with the client can be initiated.
  • Client: Has access their own account. The client can contact the related therapist(s). The client can add a friend.
  • FriendsCan have contact with the client. Friends can be added by the client to conversations with related therapist(s). Therapists cannot see details of the friends when they invited by the client in a conversation. Friends can start tools only from the self-help catalogue and therapists can't assign tools to them. Clients and friends cannot see each other's tools.
  • Guest: Can (only) be invited by a professional to participate in a video call via a one-time login link, without the guest having an account within Minddistrict. Clients can be added to the call. The guest does not receive an account and has no access to the Minddistrict platform outside the call. The conversation, including exchanged messages, are automatically deleted after one hour.
The rights therapists have only apply to clients in their own caseload. These are clients they are related to within Minddistrict. Other client accounts they can only view by using an emergency procedure. More information on searching outside your caseload and temporary access can be found via this link.(Opens in new window)