Every account within Minddistrict needs to have an unique email address. This email address must be a valid and existing email address. An email is sent to create a new password, unblock an account, etc. The user must be able to receive and manage these emails at all times.

When you receive the message that an email address already exists in the platform, you can take a number of steps.

These steps depend on the platform configurations and/or how your organization handles new client signups. It therefore differs per organization what you can do best.

Search for the account

You can try to find the account yourself. This means you don't have to ask for help and you can continue quickly. But it does depend on the platform configurations and/or how your organization handles new client signups.

You can look up the account yourself in two ways:

  1. Within your own caseload
  2. Outside of your own caseload

Your organization may handle signups with the help of a secretariat. Maybe someone else has already added the account to your caseload. To check this, go to the 'Clients' tab and use the search filter to search your caseload. You can search on:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • ID
  • Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)

This possibility depends on your organization's platform configurations.

You may have the option to search outside of your caseload. If this has been set up for your organization, you will see the option 'Other clients' next to 'My clients'.

If you search outside your caseload, you must provide a motivation why you want to open a client's account. This information is logged in the Minddistrict platform. The application manager(s) of the platform can view these logs. You can also search on outside the caseload:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • ID
  • Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
Search for 'Active & inactive'. This will also search the deactivated accounts.

What you can do next depends on your organization's platform configurations. Three options are possible:

  1. You only have 'read-only' rights. Then you can do two things:
    1. You can look at the client under the heading ‘Professionals’ whether a professional is currently linked to the client. You can ask this professional to connect you.(Opens in new window)
    2. You contact a secretary. For this, see the step 'Contact the secretary of the platform'.
  2. You can link yourself to the client. You will then become (one of) the therapists linked to the client account. Once you are connected you can assign tools, start conversations and further guide the treatment.
  3. The client must first give permission to link you as an accompanying therapist. You can send a request to the client, who must then accept that request before you can become the accompanying therapist. The client may also reject the request.

Contact the secretary of the platform

The person with the Secretary role in the platform has the ability to link client accounts to therapists. If you get the notification that an account already exists in the platform, you can ask the secretary to find this account and link it to you.

Under the tab 'Professionals' you can filter by 'Secretary'. This allows you to see who has this role in your platform. Get in touch by clicking on the name and then on the conversation cloud to start a conversation.

There is an integration

Integrations are not available by default on every platform.

If you want to add or modify an account, but you get the message that this can only be managed in the external source system, then there is an integration. When the Minddistrict platform is linked to an external system, such as an EPD, details from the EPD can be transferred to a Minddistrict client account. In order to avoid discrepancies between the external system and the Minddistrict platform, it may be desirable not to be able to change data from Minddistrict. The data can then be adjusted in the external system.

Contact your organization's application manager(s) or helpdesk

Are you unable to search within or outside your caseload, to find a secretary in the platform and/or to reach the client via the source system (e.g. EPD or KIS)? Then you can always contact the application manager(s) or helpdesk of your organization. You will find the email address at the bottom of every page of the platform.