You can find your profile and preferences by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen.


Under 'Profile', you can see what data your account was created with:

  • Name
  • Emailaddress
  • External source of information source (only if your organisation uses an integration with Minddistrict)
  • Identification (e.g. your employee number)
  • Description
  • Labels (if your organisation uses them)
  • Groups
Groups determine which rights you have in the Minddistrict platform. Read more about groups and their rights on this supportpage.(Opens in new window)

Via the button 'Edit' you can:

  • Change your name
  • Give a description of yourself
  • Upload or change your profile picture
You cannot change your e-mail address and your group. Only the platform's application manager can do this for you.


You can change a number of things via your preferences:

  • Change password: Here you can change your password.
  • Conversation notifications: You can configure how often you want to receive e-mail notifications of new messages.
  • Two-step authentication (not available by default):Have you previously set up two-step authentication but want to change settings, create new recovery codes or adjust the duration of code validity? You can do this here.
    Did your organisation set two-step authentication as 'optional'? Then you can also disable two-step authentication here. More information about the 2FA functionality.(Opens in new window)
  • Language settings (not available by default): Allows you to change the language of the platform. Tools and tasks will not be translated.
  • Absence:You can enter your absence here. You can also write an appropriate absence message to be displayed to your clients.
    • Keep in mind that this message is meant to use when you are absent.
    • The client will see a note when you activated this option and added a message.
    • In conversations they will see:

When the client is in a module, which you are guiding, they will see the note on each page of the module.