If you want to use Minddistrict, you need a professional account on a Minddistrict platform. Your organisation can arrange this for you. Your organisation's application manager(s) or helpdesk can create a professional account for you to log in with.

At Minddistrict, we protect your data so you can safely use the platform. That sometimes doesn't make logging in easier. Having problems logging in? View our support pages for a solution to problems logging in for professionals here.(Opens in new window) Would you like to contact your organisation's application manager(s) or helpdesk?  You can check out different ways to contact here.(Opent in nieuwe venster)

 How do I log in? 

The application manager of your organisation's Minddistrict platform will create an account for you. A welcome e-mail will be sent to you. Click on the link to create a password. Your account automatically opens in the browser and you can start working immediately

Bookmark the web adress of the platform. This way, you can easily find where to log in.

Create a password

Your account is password-protected. Simple, short passwords are easy to crack. Therefore, we impose a number of conditions for the password: 

  • A minimum of 12 characters
  • At least 1 special character (for example !@#$%*).
Would you like to create a strong password? Check out our tips for strong passwords on the support page with solutions to login problems.

Logging in with two-step authentication (2fa)

Your organisation may be using two-factor authentication on the Minddistrict platform. This provides an extra layer of security to make your account even more secure than with a password alone. In fact, two-factor authentication means that you log in, in two steps: 

  1. First, you fill in your password. 
  2. Next, you fill in the code you receive on your telephone.
Not every Minddistrict platform has the option to use two-factor authentication.

Enable two-factor authentication

Sometimes it is mandatory for you to enable two-factor authentication, sometimes it is an option for you. To enable two-step authentication, you can follow these steps: 

  1. You log in to the Minddistrict platform
  2. Choose 'Set up 2FA'
  3. Choose whether you want to authenticate via an authentication application on your phone (a) or via SMS (b)
    We recommend using the authentication app as this is the safest choice.
  4. You scan the QR code with your authentication application (a) or enter your telephone number (b)
  5. Click 'Continue'
  6. You fill in the received code
  7. Complete the 2FA setup
  8. You will receive your recovery codes to store in a safe place

Good authenticator apps are: Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator; LastPass authenticator; Authy. These apps are free to download.

Modify two-factor authentication

Have you previously set up two-factor authentication but want to change settings, create new recovery codes or adjust the duration of code validity? You can. You do this through the settings in your profile.(Opent in nieuwe venster)

Your organisation can choose to make entering an authentication code mandatory or optional. Is it optional for you? Then you can also disable two-factor authentication in the settings.

When will you be asked for an authentication code?

If two-factor authentication is set, an authentication code is requested at different times:

  • When logging in
  • When changing the password
  • When using 'forgot password'
  • After one hour of inactivity
  • When turning off two-factor authentication

In addition, the password is requested at:

  • Change two-factor authentication settings
  • Request new recovery codes
  • Disable two-factor authentication

What to do when you lost your phone?

When setting up two-step authentication, you will receive 6 recovery codes. You can use these codes if you are (temporarily) unable to access your phone. If you also lose these recovery codes, you should contact your organisation's application administrators or helpdesk. (opens in new tab) They can easily reset your two-step authentication for you. 

Restoring the 2FA for your client

Your client contacts you that they can no longer log in via 2FA. You can easily fix this for this client in the client's account.

  • Go to the client's account;
  • Click on "details" in the left column
  • Here you will see a "Reset two-factor authentication" button