You can find your profile and settings by clicking on your name in the right top corner of the screen.


In your profile, you can see the information your account has been created with: name, email address, identification (e.g. your employee number) and labels. You can also see which groups you belong to. These groups determine which rights you have within Minddistrict. 

If you wish, you can change your name and add a description to your profile.

Note: clients can see this description. 


Via your settings, you can edit a number of things:

Image settings

Set up a profile picture by clicking on the camera icon. Others can see this profile picture. You can also set up a background image, which will be visible only to you. 


Here you can register your absence and write a suitable absence notification that will be shown to your clients.

Change password

Here you can change your password.

Conversation notifications

You can decide how often you would like to receive email notifications about new messages.