If you experience problems with the platform or if you have other questions, please contact the application manager(s) or helpdesk of your organization. The e-mail address of the application manager or helpdesk can be found at the bottom of the platform's login page.

You can also search within the Minddistrict platform for the application manager. At the 'Professionals' you can filter by 'Application Manager'.

In addition, you can inquire internally who the application manager is or who runs your organization's helpdesk.


A lot of information about our product can be found on Minddistrict's support sites.(Opens in new window)You might find the answer to your question quickly here!

Bug or interference

Do you want to report a bug or an interference? You can report this to the application manager or helpdesk of your platform. They have the opportunity to find out what could be the matter and, if necessary, to contact the Minddistrict Service Desk. You can help the application manager or helpdesk by answering and submitting the following questions:

  • Where is the bug or glitch located? (For example: example.minddistrict.com)
  • Which browser did you or the client use? (For example: Chrome; Firefox; Safari)
  • What operating system + version number does the device you or the client have used? (For example Windows 10; iOS 12.3.1; Android 9.0)
  • (When using mobile phone/tablet) What brand + model of phone/tablet did you or the client use? (For example, Apple iPhone 8; Samsung Galaxy S6; Apple iPad Pro)
  • (When using the Minddistrict app) What is the version number of the Minddistrict App you or client used? (For example: version 3.8.0)

Change request or activate content

Want a platform change? Or did you found an interesting module in the catalogue of Minddistrict's website(Opens in new window) that you would like to use? Please contact the application manager(s) or helpdesk of the platform. The application manager or help desk sometimes needs the help of Minddistrict's Service Desk. The application manager or helpdesk can contact you.

Request to delete client account

Are you receiving a request to delete a client account? Click here for the procedure for requesting a delete request.(Opens in new window)