Modules are online interventions that you, as a therapist, can use as a support tool or as an addition to an existing treatment. These modules are developed in collaboration with experts and clients. They contain explanations, videos and illustrations, exercises, and examples. As a therapist, you can give feedback on your client's exercises. 

Modules can be created via the Internet. Would your client prefer to work in the Minddistrict app? Take a look at mobile modules. These are modules that can be created in the Minddistrict app in addition to the browser. 

How do you start a module?

  1. Search the catalogue for the desired module
  2. Click on 'Add to client' (see image)
  3. Select the desired client
  4. Set the module as desired. Ready!

Guiding a module


A module is made up of sessions. The number of sessions varies by module. A client walks through one session at a time. We make a distinction between sessions with feedback moments and session without feedback moments.

With feedback

In a session including feedback moments, you as a therapist will give online feedback. Your client cannot continue with the module until you have given feedback. 

Without feedback

A session without feedback moments can be worked on by the client independently. When the client is ready, he or she saves the answers and can go directly to the next session. You do not receive the task to provide feedback.

This is how you will see the difference between a session with feedback and a session without feedback in a module:

The first session does not include feedback, the second and third are with feedback moments

Customize a module

You can create a customized module for your client. For example, you can:

  • Add sessions
  • Delete sessions
  • Change the order of sessions
  • Turn feedback on or off, per session

You can customize a module after you have set it up for the client.

Can you delete a module?

It is not possible to remove a module in its entirety. If you have accidentally activated a wrong module you can do the following:

  1. Open the module and click on Edit.
  2. Cancel the active session (cancel button in the session).
  3. Remove all other sessions from the module.
  4. Save your changes.

Optional: change the module title.

These actions ensure that: 

  • Your client does not receive any tasks to work on the module
  • The module will be moved for the client to the completed modules.