If your client experiences problems logging in, there can be different causes for that. You can do this:

  • Check if his/her account was created using the correct email address.
  • Send the welcoming mail again. After that, your client can set up a new password. You can send a new welcoming mail via the Details page in the client dossier.
  • Is the e-mail address correct, but does the client not receive an e-mail? Ask if the client can check his/her spam box.

  • Verify that the client is logging in to the correct platform. Ask for the web address the client is trying to log into and point to the correct platform if necessary.

 It is not possible to log in to the platform with two accounts within the same browser (for security reasons). Do you want to have two accounts open at the same time? Then open another browser.

Do none of these steps help? Get help from your platform's application manager(s) or helpdesk.(Opens in new window)